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Promote your band - ROCKER.SK
Promote your band

Promote your band

You’re playing rock, metal or punk and we will get you to your fans. At the online webzine ROCKER we offer you the space you need with the following formats: 

  • promotion of the upcoming album, EP or a single, 
  • album reviews, 
  • official video promotion,
  • official video premiere promotion,
  • any band news, concert or tour press release announcements,
  • interviews, video interviews

All of our content is supported via social media on our Facebook page. The editorial team reserves the right to possible adjustments of the received material or its possible rejection. 

New album, EP or a single

Are you working on a new album or have you released your music aiming to expand your fanbase? Online webzine ROCKER will help you by releasing an article or a press release about your material. You can promote your music by making an interview about it as well. 

Album review

Have you released an EP or a studio album and you’re now wondering how to get it to the right people? In a review, the webzine’s editor will look into your work professionally and open-mindedly. Just send two CDs to the address below. One of them will be given to an editor and the other will remain in the webzine’s archive. In case the album has been released only in a digital form, provide us with a link and send it to the following editorial’s e-mail sjekel@rocker.sk


Where to send your CDs: 
Partizánska 800/17
911 01 Trenčín

Official video promotion and premiere

We would really enjoy premiering your new official video. You will be given a special promotional day on the Facebook page of the webzine ROCKER, we will present your band and its members, inform about the band‘s history and even spill some stories from the shooting if you want us to. Finally we will promote the premiere of the new official video. The brand new video or an older one will be also supported on our Facebook page.

News, press releases, concert invitations

Let us present all the brand news and plans you have with your band and we will bring it to your current and new fans! Send your news, press releases, concert or album launch party invitations to the editorial’s address sjekel@rocker.sk. We will process them and release them. 


Give us a chance to present your band with an interview that would show our readers who you are, what kind of music do you play and where do you want to get in an unconventional way! Making interviews is also a convenient way of promoting information about upcoming albums. We can talk about the creation process, your inspiration and expectations. Go ahead an approach our editorial team by email at sjekel@rocker.sk and one of our editors will get in touch with you.

Are you intersted? Feel free to contacting us.

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