It's been a while since I started working on a completely fresh material. Just two days ago, hardcore punk band from Italy, Tuscia released their first EP, which is this review about. Founded in March 2019, they say that Grigio Piombo is anger, intolerance for a “normal” society, a sense of inadequacy, and a desire for redemption. Well, we look forward.

Otherwise, I got to them by a total chance. Somewhere in the discussion about new bands there was a post from Maniscalco (G) with the song Futili Parole and it caught me pretty well. They sing in their native language and it fits perfectly. Also watching the text while Jambo (V) sings, it is a pretty tough. It runs one verse with another and I didn't even seem to have 5 songs started playing again.

The opening song of Futili Parole convinced me to go ahead and I was looking forward to hearing more tracks. And the other songs certainly did not lag behind.

One-two-Hi-Hat and into catchy riff is appearing guitar and a full set of JD Pains (D). This sound is pure raw, fat distort sound of bass and dense guitar sustain wrapped me like a blanket. Melodic backing vocals in chorus, drive AF, conceptual anger. Before the chorus comes, a few beats in low intensity and whole chorus worth it. Pure energy.

Their next song is as short as the dream they sing. Crisi Epilettica. Intensity increases. Chorus in metal 16-lines, they tread entire world down. Scream closed this track.

They did not breathe for a moment and the mutual harmony of drums and bass after a brief intre feeds Jambo and Maniscal. Sample symbiosis. Juicy full sound, distortion going up to fuzz characteristics. They do not play with semi-finished products.

And that's not all. Vi Bruci has a nice groove part between refrains, but before that comes, well sounded part for fans as the hell below stage. Just the passage "Ripeto le stesse parole ogni giorno" I can not get out of my head. And the end of E VI BRUCI, E VI BRUCI, E VI BRUCI, hahaha, super work!

Before the last track is a hi-hat ready for vacation. I understand why the drummer has nickman JD Pain. Well, gentlemen, I am grateful for this material. From the beginning to the end, there is a clear vision. Do not fuck and dig like 230V. Try to send your material to the organizers of the Rebellion festival in Blackpool, I think you will win the job. For me, 10 out of 10. GOOD JOB!


Jambo – vocals, Maniscalo – guitar, Felsio – bass, JD Pain – drums


  1. Futili Parole
  2. Crisi
  3. Cammino Tra I Cadaveri
  4. Vi Bruci
  5. Il Nero Ha Coperto Ogni Cosa

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