Signs Of Execution released first official video with singer Meriliis

Awesome Estonian groovemetal band SIGNS OF EXECUTION, which has visited Slovakia a few weeks ago, released its third official video. It is playthrough video and the first audio-visual release of this band with beautiful Meriliis as a vocalist.


The band chose for this shooting the song Sign. It is fourth song from the 3 Years Later (2016) album, which was recorded with Artjom as a vocalist. Signs Of Execution have decided to record vocals again with Meriliis and use this song for their new playthrough video. Meriliis says that they have chosen this song because “it’s catchy enough to sink into people’s minds.”


The purpose of this video is mostly to promote the band. It’s the only actual video of the band with current members. The shooting took place in the building where the band uses to have rehearsals. It is very interesting, that this is the place with thirteen rooms which is used just by bands to practice there. Rooms are of different size, they are well equipped and in two of them are even big mirrors. Whole video was filmed and edited by Anton, guy who cooperates with this band since its beginning and he also have done older video Freak and all photoshootings for this band.

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