Signs Of Execution has started to write a new chapter

Estonian metal band SIGNS OF EXECUTION is now opening the very new chapter in its history. We could say, that the preface was made not so long ago, when beautiful singer Meriliis Ojamäe joined the band. After some shows, they decided to make things bigger by releasing the video of the song from their debut 3 Years Later. This album was recorded with the first singer, but the video version is rerecorded with Meriliis.


Now this band is coming with the new song. They have just released the lyric video for The Ceremony Of Anticipation. Except the awesome powerful music, it has also very interesting lyrics’ theme. Lyrics are written by Victoria Gorbanyova, bass guitarist’s wife. It is about very actual issue – suicides.


“Suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. Suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44,” comments Meriliis. „The song describes the feelings and what was going on in a head of one committed to a suicide. It’s not about those who did attempts, the posers who only pretend and cut their veins across and not along the arm. It’s actually about ones who are really hardly mentally ill and no one can help them. It’s about a strong desire to commit to suicide as an act of a greatest gift to the most beloved person – themselves, and about sexual arousal from the anticipation.”


According to Meriliis, the situation is getting better a little bit, but it is still not enough. The awareness should increase among the people and they should be more interested in it. For sure, each of us has noticed similar cases from his surroundings. Also in the world of rock music, there are still more cases of suicides in a few last years. Hopefully, the awareness of this issue will be increasing more and more. I am sure that the new single of Signs Of Execution will also help a lot. Moreover, the band is going to record their new full length album next year. 

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