Rock ‚n‘ roll evening in Dolný Kubín succeed

Real rock‘n‘roll masters have visited Áčko, club in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia couple of days ago. The Italian band KICKSTARTER RITUAL came to Slovakia not only to introduce themselves, but also to introduce their upcoming album Ready To Take A Ride (2017), which is above to be released soon. The show in Áčko was the first of the five gigs for our country. As the show took place on Sunday evening, it was planned little bit earlier to attract also the ones afraid of Monday morning waking up. There was a little time delay but the show has started shortly after 8 PM anyway.  


The full amount of energy was coming from the stage from very beginning of that blasting rock‘n‘roll show. The first song Cooperate was really catchy and it interested whole audience. The show was going on in this nimble rhythm of rock’n’roll. Kickstarter Ritual have performed sixteen songs at all in Dolný Kubín. Only one of them, Hazy Days, was a ballad a little bit. At least, it was the only song without drums. And also only one of them, Mother, was a cover song originally by American metal band Danzig. The time flew too fast and the end of the show came quite unexpectedly. But the audience wanted more. The band was finally persuaded to perform several more songs. They started to play their set once again from the very beginning. Kickstarter Ritual performed four more songs and they interconnected them by various blues-rock improvisations. Those sounded really fabulous. When they were playing the song Nanananana for the second time, everybody was singing the chorus along. After this song the band left the stage for good but the audience was asked to join them at the bar.


It is not so common for us that the drummer has got also the microphone. But this band has got really talented drummer Fortu who is also the lead singer. To see him in action was one of the greatest experiences. The others – guitar player Göran and bass guitar player Juliusz – fulfilled the show with stunning music and smooth backing vocals. Moreover, the guitar player was the true rock’n’roll showman so we did not miss pieces like dancing with guitar in front of the stage, guitar solo on his knees, or playing the guitar by his tongue.


There is nothing left to say I think. Once again, it was great event in Áčko. It has introduced talented and also very modest Italian artists to its audience, which was unfortunately not very big. They had no problem to chat to their – mostly newfound – fans and they were also giving out loads of positive energy before, during and after the show. We are looking forward for more events like this in club Áčko.


Kickstarter Ritual has already released one EP Black Mana (2014), but as we have mentioned before, they are above to release their debut full-length album. Information about both its release and its title Ready To Take A Ride are very exclusive and they are published worldwide for the first time now. You are also the first people who can check the artwork and the track list of this album.

Rock 'n' roll evening in Dolný Kubín succeed
Rock ‚n‘ roll evening in Dolný Kubín succeed

Ready To Take A Ride track list:

1. Cooperate

2. Messin Around

3. Too Old

4. Dirty Old Town

5. Nanananana

6. The man On The Hawlin‘ Machine

7. Get It On

8. Hazy Days

9. The Cities Are Burning (With Rock’N’Roll)

10. Kiss My Gun

11. Ready To Take A Ride


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