Maid Of Ace – Live Fast Or Die (review) 

Of the expected events this year, I am now really happy for at least the two I managed in the winter. The gap has been stretching since then, but I’m glad that I’m closer to the next event every day. Fortunately, the crazy four punk sisters MAID OF ACE from the south of England announced the recording of their third album in February, and the release was planned for the summer. The wait was not so bad with three new songs, and we had no doubt that after the albums MAID OF ACE and MAID IN ENGLAND, the girls did not relax and still go their remarkable direct style.

That day 27.8. it was the F5-button day and the conveniences of online times helped me to have a Digi album right after the launch. In addition, CD and LP-vinyl versions are of course available here

After a few hearings, it’s not at all difficult to find your way around the new material, it’s worse with a selection of TOP songs. Therefore, step by step.

Anyone who has ever been to a concert will know the deployment from the very first seconds. The performances open with the raw song STAY AWAY, which is preceded by a short intro from SICK OF YOU, and the opening track of this album is even higher. OK. We love this way.


The tempo is fast from very beginning and the vocals certainly don’t lag behind. It’s not as fast as FIGHT BACK from EXPLOITED. But in addition to the older songs FIGHT and STAY AWAY, this one sounds like their more advanced sister. Dialogues of Anna and Alison in chorus, bridge literally


The dirty sound in the solo at the middle positions turned out great as a result. I’ll let someone eat my flag if this isn’t the opening song on the next tour. RELOAD! 


The hoarse guitar line opens another song, which was the third in a series and a video clip directed by Mark Richards. 

Balanced lines of distortion guitars, fat & hairy bass sound, drums and vocals firmly and clearly in their places. Anxiety dominates everywhere, great Abby on drums is also in the front line. The album was recorded in the ANCHOR BABY RECORDING studio with Dan Lucas and the mastering has fantastic result, it is already clear in this song. The bassguitar is definitely not only as a background, Amy is doing its own and also has a creative place in the quartet. I’m already looking forward to what the windows will do when I run it from the vinyl.


The high level pace continues, we are still having a great time. The melodies in the vocals are stronger, seemingly relaxed part before the chorus, the links are clear: „WHEN THEY HIT, HIT‘ EM HARDER „. The ending is carried in increased intensity, definitely a well-done piece.


The tempo slowed down only a little, so that the theme in (every) text became even more leading. This song is characterized by a screaming double voice, we are not machines, but we are still going full speed. It is in this track that the obvious mood is also captured in the solo, creepy, freezing. „FIGHTING TO BE FREE“ which, on the other hand, is countered by „THERE’S NOTHIN‘ TO SAY, THERE‘S NOTHIN‘ TO SAVE“ only seems handed over until I realize that „I JUST WALK AWAY“ is sometimes the best choice ever. And it’s not always about fighting.


This song starts with quite voice and it carries special mood, which has been captured in second clip.

The main guitar riff is played from the intro to the chorus and sounds like the most impressive one. The screaming duo already strongly show a feeling of piss, even disillusionment. Feelings are so strong that I realized that guitar solo is completely missing maybe after 3rd hearing. The message is clear, for all who shit on the lives of others, give them peace and save their lives instead. The composition creates the impression of an oncoming train, where the same scenarios with different faces are drawn around. A lot of people are concerned about how I live.


How beautiful the album is also escalating with titles. And we are not even in the first chorus yet. Some lucky ones should have seen this song live since the summer events of 2019, when it was part of the playlist and for the others there is a clip.

Lead guitar fits into context, which is carried as a result of feelings from CNN watching. „SOMETHIN’S WRONG WITH WORLD TODAY“, I can’t oppose. In the middle passage, a police siren as a daily routine not just for middle-east, London, Los Angeles. Reports, news, warnings. The Terror.


The verse starts unusually, without guitar hard riffs on the rhythm, the singing comes to the fore for the first time. With the arrival of a really compositionally successful chorus, it seems to me to be the best song. Dirty singing, bipolar characteristic during the composition create the contrast that resonates quite a bit. What is characteristic of this group are the songs, both individually and together, both serially and in parallel. And don’t forget I’m strongly instruments-oriented. 


The scream at full throat continues in a shallow tone. I’m leaving, at full throttle, towards the unknown. It follows thematically to THIS IS WAR and REPENT. Raw, straightforward and no remorses. Anger is escalating. „I’LL BE GONE“, „I DON’T CARE“.


Although the short but atmospheric intro continues to develop as tracks from the previous album, musically it comes to me as a refresh from past and they decided to point of that right here. They shout here with a lower intensity, as if it was no longer anger. Looser tempo and rhythm. Feel the need to deal with something. „YOU ARE/WE ARE FOREVER“. The grand final are the bass tones, which are perfectly mastered.


Good old days to which they refer in the last song is to take over the baton with the theme from the previous one. And also in terms of music, I perceive a certain similarity here. The idea of „Back to the roots“ is underlined by a fade out riff, as when you are finally going home, the music fades, followed by the morning sounds of a city on the coast. „OH HOW I MISS DOING NOTHIN’ AT ALL. „

I add only that The good (old) days are still not gone.

In the end, only that, just as the order of the songs divides the album into an aggressive first and milder second part, so are the attitudes in the individual songs. Just like Mike Miur of Suicidal Tendencies said: „Sometimes you fight with your fists, sometimes you fight with your mind“.

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